Awaken YOUR Inner Medical Intuitive!

by Sue Singleton

After performing well over 8,500 Medical Intuitive (MI) Readings in the past 27+ years, I continue to enjoy teaching and empowering others to become their own health intuitive. Intuition can play a critical role within complementary medicine, and transforms all aspects of one’s life.

Medical Intuition is a very specialized subset of intuition/psychic ability. MI names the Root Cause or Original Trigger of a complaint/illness/disease, or pro-actively discovers the core imbalance before it becomes disease. Unlike psychic readings, MI Readings provide a detailed anatomical and physiological profile of the Root Cause(s)/Core Imbalances, tracing imbalances back to source location and timeframe. MI Readings do not provide, or replace, medical diagnoses.

Aura/chakra readings may be helpful, depending on someone’s concerns or goals. However, they identify auric asymmetries and weakness – which may NOT be the Root Cause. Also, depending on the reader, s/he may not provide a detailed Root Cause, or comprehensive plan to resolve it. Psychics/Intuitives who receive health insights are NOT necessarily Medical Intuitives. Although some Intuitives have innate abilities for anatomical insights, Medical Intuition can be taught by a qualified, practicing MI.


While Kinesiology/Muscle Testing is a beneficial tool used by doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, herbalists, and psychics when narrowing a list of possible causes, it is frequently mistaken for Medical Intuition. MI, however, reaches well beyond the knowledge or “list” of possibilities known to non-MI practitioners, assuming the Medical Intuitive has a “discernment” level of accuracy. Discernment is an acquired ability to obtain highly accurate, detailed data, from a universal consciousness state, in which the personality, knowledge or experiences of the intuitive are transcended.  At this level, answers totally outside his/her realms of intellectual knowledge become available.


Although not everyone develops the ability to perceive the same level of detail/accuracy of a qualified MI, everyone’s birthright is to be fully intuitive and apply it for positive benefits in his/her career, personal life and health concerns. Discernment is critical for the accuracy and detail of intuitive abilities to blossom, and relates to the level of consciousness attained by the individual. As demonstrated in the graphic, accuracy and detail are very low when in the conscious mind state, and increase to only around 50% when in the subconscious mind state. Once someone enters the super-conscious mind state (SPC), a quantum shift occurs, bringing accuracy close to 100%. Discernment permits this SPC shift, also known as universal consciousness, akashic records, mind of God, oneness.


Reach your highest potential by tapping into the MI within, even if your chosen path isn’t to become a professional MI! Landscapers, doctors, teachers, acupuncturists, healers, lawyers and parents can excel in all aspects of life by learning the discernment process. It greatly simplifies the process of doctor visits, career and relationship choices, food shopping, etc.


SueHanksSingleton_Informal2011Sue Singleton is an internationally acclaimed Medical Intuitive, Master Healer-Teacher and Author, who co-creates tools for transformation and healing and a variety of workshops with her husband, Aaron Singleton (Medical Intuitive, Visionary, Inventor), through The Way To Balance®, LLC Center for Advanced Healing and Training. The Singletons will be in Saratoga Springs for several very special events on Thursday, 10/19 and Sunday, 10/22. Please refer to the Display Ad and Calendar Events here in the Journal, as well as on the Events Calendar on

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