by Betsy Peerless 

For the Solar Eclipse of August 21st 2017 the world’s focus will be on USA as the path of totality sweeps across the entire continent of N. America. Even though it is a relatively short eclipse (2 min 40 secs) it’s estimated that perhaps 100 million people will be viewing it, which could make this one of the most observed eclipses of all time.  The US is the only country that receives the umbra’s path- for eclipse member 22 of Saros series 145. All of these factors is what makes this solar eclipse so remarkable.


As the “Great American Eclipse” tracks across the country it will cast at least a partial shadow over almost the entire country- 95% of USA. Astrologically and energetically this holds great potential for transformation, for the land, the people, and its leadership. It literally divides the nation in half and this is of great interest and concern considering the current socio- political climate.


The last total solar eclipse that touched the United States was 37 years ago on February 26, 1979. Its path went across only a few states in the northwest, while the last total solar eclipse to sweep across the entire mainland of the United States was on June 8, 1918. It’s path tracked from Washington to Florida. For tracking and forecasting purposes the April 8th, 2024 total solar eclipse must also be taken into account, as the intersection point of both paths of totality takes place in the heartland of America where August 21st peaks.


Here at the Intuitive Matrix, co-authored by myself and Hillary Raimo, we track and record events on the ground as astronomical events and astrological energies culminate in the sky in order to observe and  discern any correlations. In the 2 + years we have documented the lunar cycles, the eclipses and other planetary or star activity much has unfolded here on the ground, showing a great amount of fluidity and synchronicity with the synergy of heavenly bodies to this Earth along with the effects felt in the complex human psyche, the collective conscious and within the communities and authorities of our social structures.


For this article I’ve chosen to highlight places in the path that have historically made a great impact on the nation of America, monuments, as well as geological features such as waterways and tectonic plates which are all susceptible to movement- expansion and contraction- and have the power to greatly alter our human activity as well as our livelihoods. All the locales listed below will be of great interest during August/September eclipse season and for the next 2 and 3/4 years; then America’s heartland once again in 2024.


Summary of the eclipse spotlight:

Juan de Fuca Plate, Pacific N American coastline: seismic activity watch

Oregon State: wildfire watch

Casper WY: historical leadership in energy industry – timeline of exploitation of Earth’s natural resources

Teton National Park & Teton Fault WY: oil and gas development and the National Park service 9b rule. Seismic activity watch

Missouri River: flood watch and connection to DAPL and Standing Rock Protest

Kansas city MO: timeline of military activity, Civil War and independence

Independence & Adam-ondi-Ahman MO: LDS church sacred sites and the prophesy of ‘the second coming’.

St. Louis & Gateway Arch, MO: accessible monument dedicated to the American people and the timeline of USA’s westward expansion

Mississippi River: flood watch. Connection to DAPL and Standing Rock protest.

Cahokia Mounds IL: timeline of an advanced ancient civilization

Carbondale, IL: epicenter of the eclipse, historic regional hub of transportation, agriculture and education, and timeline to Civil War

Shawnee National Forest and the ‘Trail of Tears’ IL – a timeline of expulsion, suffering and death for the Cherokee nation. Government claimed ownership over profitable territories

New Madrid Fault: seismic activity watch. This is the intersection point for total solar eclipses 2017 and 2024. Will “X” mark the spot?

Georgia Guidestones GA: controversial monument declaring 10 guidelines for ‘The Age of Reason.” A timeline of a New World Order

Summerville & Charleston SC: seismic activity watch

Fort Sumter, Charleston SC: timeline to the commencement of America’s Civil War


My intention for this article was not to create a doomsday prophecy – I wish it to simply act as a record to refer back to in the next couple of years, as the effects of this eclipse unfold and peak. It may however prepare us for what could be in store as certain themes come to light through the tracking of the umbras passage physically, astronomically and astrologically. Most notable is the line created by the path of totality which divides the country and nation in 2 halves and how this echoes the division of America during The Civil War with the Northern and Southern Territories governed by the Union and the Confederates.


Earth catastrophes could happen at any time, yet when they coincide with eclipses they are especially devastating. Flooding, wildfires, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions can have the most devastating, far reaching effects, not only carrying a death toll but also affecting the safety of our natural and urbanized environments- our agriculture, economy, and the resources that make our human civilization possible. It is important to explore all possibilities within any correlations made with the above and the below without eliciting so much fear that it generates a panic. The very best that anyone can do to prepare for this Earth changing event is to meditate, pray and generate positive energy for the planet and for the collective as well as all of Earth residents. We can do this individually or in groups. Our ancestors I’m certain worked towards this end, assisting in a spiritual capacity for creating a softening affect for any incoming blows, while allowing the transformational energies to go to work energetically.



So I invite you all to participate in this eclipse to whatever capacity moves you. Our ancestors gathered, made processions, danced, prayed, and performed rituals during powerful celestial alignments such as this. From your location during this solar eclipse visualize the umbra’s passage over the thousands of miles of land mass and the millions of inhabitants. Use your spiritual awareness and psychic tools to raise the energetic vibration for Earth and all her residents. Past timelines connected to wars concerning territory and human rights, an ancient civilization, migration routes especially Oregon trail; the exploitation of Earth’s natural resources, expansion of a new civilization, as well as devastation in seismic zones- all these past timelines could be activated by the energetic spotlight of this eclipse. I say this as an energy worker, not just as an astrologer and as an intuitive who has experience with healing past timelines out on the land. The Nodes of the Moon in astrology are interpreted as karmic signatures and so the perfect eclipse alignment activates karmic past and future through the polarity of its axis. Celestial alignments above translates to energetic activity here on Earth and in any polarity there is magnetic attraction…


There is no advantage then to running and hiding in fear, or in dread of the unknown. What will be will be, and to that end we will adapt and thrive again if per chance any adversity must come to pass in this upcoming eclipse season and onward. Since this solar eclipse is positioned close to the North Node rather than the malefic South, and taking into account other planetary aspects of this eclipse, mundane astrologers would interpret that if anything unfavorable comes to pass for America and its leadership then it should wield beneficial karmic effects in the long run.


Betsy Peerless creates a dynamic and multifaceted life as an artist, healer, intuitive, teacher and astrologer. Website: http://www.CharikloSpeaks.wordpress.com Betsy is available for personal Astrology readings.


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