Chakaura™ Earth Whispering


By the Chakaura™ Institute of Soul© copyright 2017


Earth Whisperers are becoming a rare breed. Few people are given the chance in these times of domestication to hear the Earth’s silence as an Earth Whisperer can. The process of life is a natural instinct to an Earth Whisperer, understanding the workings and interaction of the Elements, the Earth’s energies, her waterways, the cycles of her nature, her seasons, as well as the cosmology of the All. Earth Whisperer’s speak the language of nature, hear and sing the Earth Songs. An Earth Whisperer is someone who has great sensitivity to his or her environment whether it is wild or domesticated.

Earth Whispering is about walking smoothly in grace and in respectful consciousness upon Mother Earth.  It is about being grounded and recognizing the different flavours of the telluric and cosmic energies that create our world. A true Earth Whisperer has an innate ability to bring heaven to earth for they are gifted with a mystic’s awareness of what is the purpose of life, of soul and have developed tools to manifest and direct this divine soulful cosmic power.


Earth Whisperers

The heavens carry the whispers of memories of times past and the prophecies of times to come.

Earth Whisperers teach how we are one with Mother Earth and how all this is known to an

Earth Whisperer; and is a part of an Earth Whisperer’s complete existence.


Who is Michèle C. St Amour?

Those that have come to know Michèle and her ways intimately have dubbed her an Earth Whisperer. This natural gift Michèle has been given, is as intense and as complex as Mother Earth herself. But above all, her gift of hearing Mothers Earth’s messages includes her dedication to teaching and speaking for this deity. Michèle speaks to us while the Earth whispers her messages.


Sacred Water

Michèle offers Earth Whispering Walkabouts that allow you hands-on experience. She speaks the language of her Aboriginal Ancestors and guides those ready to remember.

One of Michèle’s teachings experienced during her summer Earth Whispering events is how water is the greatest medicine of all and flows with purpose just as Earth is the womb of Life.  She teaches how all healing is sourced from the Sacred Feminine, and why it is a woman’s nature to heal. Michèle shares that one must master the Feminine Energy of Water, and the Masculine Energy of Fire to direct her musing ways. She introduces us to the Spirit of all elements during her retreats. She instructs us on how to tap into these healing energies for awareness, healing and health. Many participants have reported after one of Michèle’s sacred ceremonies, of healing cancer, bone ailments and more. The power of Michèle’s truth has proven itself over and over again; a true modern-day mystic’s world.

Michèle welcomes and mentors any who wish to discover this lost art of Remembering. Her teachings include sensing of the various medicines of earth such as plant & animal medicines, the Elements and their role in Earth Whispering and communication. She runs Initiate programs with their main goals centred on Self-Empowerment through knowing, experiencing and continued practice of the elements creating Life. Her specialty is the Soul and its sacred world.


Michèle teaches with a rare mastery of the Inner & Outer energies responsible for Health, happiness and success. Her summer programs help you birth the Earth Whisperer within you.


Michèle C. St.Amour is the founder and director of the Chakaura Institute of Soul. She is Author (Her novel Chakaura: Awakening the Muse / Sacred Journey of a Modern-day Mystic), a renowned Initiate Educator, Speaker, Medicine Woman, Medical Intuitive, Medium Expert (crime investigations) & Certified Naturopathic Practitioner offering her services through events & the Chakaura Clinic, so you may access the higher energies of your Inner self, your Soul. Michèle teaches her rare proprietary programs worldwide. People come from all over to consult Michèle for her healing knowledge and follow her unique programs.

Her programs are Empowering & Life Changing!

Her unique Journey of Self-Discovery Program begins soon followed by her Chakaura Initiate Program; the only one of its kind.

As she would say,




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