Breathe:  move through what’s difficult and access the pleasure life has to offer.

Life is full of difficulty.  Life is also full of pleasure.  It is so easy to get stuck in our difficulties.  They are big and persistent, and seem to make simple pleasure elusive and unavailable.  When we are full of worry and tension we don’t notice the momentary pleasures that are a natural part of most days and that create the balance necessary for coping well with stressful lives.

Momentary pleasures:

— the enjoyment of wearing ones lightest layers and feeling the air caress ones skin before the heat rises

— gazing at lush green foliage

— feeling fresh after a shower

— feeling supple after a gym session


What are the momentary pleasures available to you?

Yes, they tend to be sensual, experienced in our bodies.  Our worry on the other hand tends to live in our minds.  So when we feel bound in a tense tangle of worry, doubt, dread, one can find healing and balance through re-focusing attention on a simple momentary pleasure.

Breathing helps.  Breathing orients us to this present moment.  All we have to do is become aware of our breathing and let our awareness move out from there.

All we have to do is become aware of tension and allow it to signal a need to breathe. On the in-breath we take in the fragrance and energy of something.  On the out-breath we release.  Riding the rhythm of breath we can relax and be receptive.

Animals seem to live in the moment more easily and naturally than humans.  A deer grazes.  It hears something that signals a need to be on the alert.  It perceives a threat and runs.  It stops, it perceives no threat.  It quivers, shakes off its nervous tension.  It puts its head down and continues to forage.

Human children are better at this than adults. Something hurts or frightens them. They cry.  If a timely and reassuring response it forthcoming they settle. Their nervous system re-sets and they are again able to move happily into their world.

By the time we move into adulthood we have accumulated imprints – the energetic traces of painful experiences.  We have learned to anticipate trouble.  We have made decisions and formed beliefs about the nature of our reality.  We don’t have an animal’s instinctive ability to shake off the energetic imprint of threat, and the remnants of disturbance held in our muscles.  How we hold our experience in our minds is not as malleable as when we were children.  Most of us need to re-learn how to re-set and relax, to become once again available to natural pleasure.

We can weather stressful experiences and periods in life better if we know to breathe, to go with the flow, to use momentary opportunities to relax and re-set.  It can be as easy as taking in the beauty and fragrance of a flower, or responding to a child’s smile, or laughing at something funny.

Unfortunately many of us have learned to associate taking a break from what’s challenging in life with consuming alcohol or sugar or getting high.  We look for pleasure in these things because we no longer know how to be available to it in other ways.  We hold our breath to avoid feeling rather than using it to release, to return to balance and a sense of well-being.

Trust your breath.  Take a moment to let yourself breathe fully and deeply.  Let yourself notice how you experience that. Take frequent conscious breathing breaks.  Conscious breathing can help you process what is difficult.  It can restore you to balance and well-being.

Wendy Ball, M.Ed., is a shamanic energy healer, coach and mentor.  She offers individual sessions by phone or skype.  You can get more information about her work at  She welcomes questions by email:, or phone:  518-813-8524


Navigating the Winds of Change

The popular English PL Travers nanny, Mary Poppins arrived on Cherry Tree Lane on an East wind. She was flung through the gate, and landed with a thump at the front door. Her arrival shook the house, then joy was restored to the sorrowful family.

In literature, scripture, and mythology, dating back to tablets of Mesopotamia, the East Wind brings change. Often, a destructive force of nature leaves in its wake an opportunity for new ideas and growth. Sherlock Holmes warned Watson of the cold bitter East Wind that was brewing during WWII, and advised him that, “A cleaner, better, stronger land will lie in the sunshine when the storm has cleared.”

Has the East wind interrupted your life? Are you like Watson, “the fixed point” in a changing age, or are you accepting that nature provides helpful clues? When you turn your attention towards Nature, navigating change becomes effortless, no matter what wind is blowing.

Maneuvering the earth’s windswept landscape has preoccupied humankind throughout history. Research for the book Winds of Spirit, led to the discovery of 150 cross-cultural deities.  Since time immemorial, Cardinal Winds have provided the structure for ordering reality; East represents Mind and Beliefs; South: Emotions and Feelings; West: Physical and Endings; North: Community and Spirituality. Before religion divided us, people were wind believers. Wind is synonymous with the Divine: Christianity speaks of the Holy Spirit; Hebrew refers to Ruach; and in Buddhism, Nirvana is a place of no wind.

The Winds of Spirit are always available to help you Navigate Change. Hundreds of millions of years ago, long before human beings stirred, the wind participated in the formation of our earth. Imagine how these powerful forces can help you navigate life today.

Below is a simple, practical exercise to help you harness wind power.

Wind Walk®

A young adult told me that she did not believe in God. I asked, “Does the wind blow where you live?  She agreed the wind was a powerful force, but insisted she could not hear its messages. Emotional pain is a strong motivator, so she was willing to try this simple exercise below; are you? When feeling lost, overwhelmed or confused, I recommend taking a Wind Walk®.

• Begin at your doorway. Stand with your back to the wind. Inhale a deep breath of air. Feel the wind expand in your lungs, and move down into your belly. As you exhale, remind yourself that breath is a personal wind that connects you with others; wind is capable of reaching the other side of the world in a matter of days. Continue your wind breath until you feel calm and connected with the world around you.

• Ask your Question. First, call upon the wind, and whistle if you feel inspired.  Start Walking.

• Walk in Silence Pay attention. Is the wind blowing steady, is it weak or strong? Answers may come as sign or synchronicities immediately, later in the day, or even as you sleep. Throughout the day, be aware of people you meet, animals that cross your path, and elements of nature that grab your attention.

• Thank the Winds of Spirit Always thank the wind in advance for your blessings. The more you tend to the winds of spirit, the clearer your answers. Sometimes, answers rush in like booming claps of thunder, while other times you notice after you instinctively changed course.

The Wind Work® system as outlined in the Amazon Best-Seller “Winds of Spirit: Ancient Wisdom Tools for Navigating Relationships, Health, and the Divine” is the first book in modern times to provide simple tools and tips to help you steer your life using the wind. It is a practical guide to connect to powerful wind energies that navigate us toward authentic joy, power, and purpose. Author Renee Baribeau, the Practical Shaman offers insights from 32 cross cultural wind deities.

Health Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms

by Kathryn Kos


In recent years, traditional plant-based medicines are gaining more and more attention with medical practitioners. Mushrooms being at the top of the list for their many amazing health benefits. Many forms of mushrooms have been used throughout the centuries in Ancient Chinese herbal medicine, with well over 200 different species used in therapeutic capacities throughout the years. There is a great deal of recent research surrounding mushrooms and their potential therapeutic benefits for a variety of conditions such as cancer, digestive health conditions, liver conditions, and autoimmune issues.

The key component in these healing mushrooms is psilocybin. Mushrooms containing psilocybin boost immune health through stimulating the production of T-lymphocytes and also the production of killer cells.1 In his book, Medicinal Mushrooms, The Essential Guide, Powell discusses how medicinal mushrooms work, as well as many of the various health conditions that medicinal mushrooms can help with. According to Powell,

Mushrooms are part of the fungal kingdom. As such they are more closely related to humans and other members of the animal kingdom than to plants and, partly because of this relative evolutionary closeness, many of the compounds they produce show physiological activity in humans as well as other animals.

The compounds that medicinal mushrooms produce, give the mushrooms an advantage in the microorganism community. These compounds discourage competitive organisms, yet have a pronounced effect on the human body. They ward off viruses, bacterial infections, and ‘bad’ fungal overgrowths such as candida. Medicinal mushrooms are antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral in nature. Humans and animals have evolved alongside these fungal communities, and this benefits our immune system regulation. Polysaccharides are the main compound found in these mushrooms. These polysaccharides help to downregulate the proinflammatory immune response for individuals with compromised immune systems.1 Therefore, there is a reduction of overall inflammation in the body, and a modulation of the immune system.

Some immunological changes triggered by mushroom polysaccharides include:

  • Activation of immune macrophages, neutrophils, and monocytes
  • Increased antibody production
  • Increased interferon production
  • Increased immune activity against many different cancers
  • Inhibition of tumors
  • Reduction of pro-inflammatory cytokines
  • Inhibition of prostoglandin synthesis1

Many of the mushrooms that are considered medicinal, are also delicious tasting! And the health benefits remain, even after cooking. Each medicinal mushroom family has different medicinal effects. Below is a review of three edible, medicinal mushroom types, and the role they can play in our health.

Types of Medicinal Mushrooms, and Their Properties:


Chaga has been used by traditional cultures for its health benefits, for hundreds of years. It grows high up on the bark of birch trees in the Eastern U.S. and Canada. This mushroom presents as a hardened, blackened, crusty formation, with the appearance of a bursting tumor on the trunk of a birch tree. Chaga’s most important components, betulinic acid and melano-glucan complexes are derived from the bark of the birch trees the fungus grows on. Chaga is traditionally used as a tea and is revered for its anti-cancer and digestive health benefits.1

In his review of recent research, Hastings2 found that Chaga demonstrated hypoglycemic effects in mice, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties, reduced oxidative stress, anti-gene mutation properties, and inhibition of liver cancer cells2

Summary of the benefits of Chaga:

  • Mental health
  • Energy
  • Anti-tumor
  • Detoxifies
  • Boosts digestion, improves the appetite
  • Purifies the blood
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Strengthens the heart

Modulates the immune system



Cordyceps have a large variety of medicinal effects and Chinese practitioners have used them as medicine for hundreds of years. Cordyceps grow on moth larvae, and have a symbiotic relationship with their host.1Traditionally, cordyceps were only used by the very few people who could afford it. They were used for the treatment of asthma, erectile dysfunction, and as a health tonic for the elderly. The main health benefit from cordyceps is increased energy because they help to deliver oxygen to the body at a cellular level. Due to their ability to increase metabolic efficiency, many athletes utilize cordyceps for increased efficiency of energy metabolism.1 In a 12 week study3 done on healthy older adults, cordycep use was associated with a 10.5% increase in metabolic threshold. The researchers concluded that supplementation with cordyceps improves exercise performance, and might contribute to wellness in healthy older subjects. Cordyceps are also used in treatment for asthma, cancer and diabetes.1

Summary of the benefits of cordyceps:

  • Hydration
  • Increased oxygen to cells
  • Breaks down phlegm
  • Anti-fatigue
  • Antioxidant
  • Immune modulation
  • Heart tonic
  • Sexual tonic
  • Kidney function improvement
  • Anti-viral



In Ancient Chinese medicine Reishi is referred to as the “spirit herb”, known for its ability to improve mind, body and spirit. Reishi is also known as the mushroom of long life. The Reishi mushroom contains several bioactive compounds. These compounds include specific polysaccharides, with triterpene being one of the active polysaccharide compounds of Reishi mushroom. It possesses potent anti-inflammatory, anti-tumorigenic and hypolipidemic properties. Triterpenes from Reishi are associated with cancer cell death as well. Ganoderic acid is an important triterpene component which has shown inhibitory properties on cancer.4 Reishi is also associated with toning the blood, reducing phlegm, eradicating coughing and wheezing, strengthening the visceral organs, and promoting restful sleep.

In one study5 on a very aggressive form of breast cancer, reishi selectively reduced cancer cell viability and invasion, as well as the expression of key proteins involved in the pathogenesis of breast cancer cells. Reishi downregulated the expression of cancer cells on over 10 different pathways.

Summary of the benefits of Reishi:

  • Anti-tumor
  • Boost digestion
  • Stops coughing and wheezing
  • Boosts immune function
  • Increases oxygenation of the cells
  • Calming, restful sleep
  • Reduce anxiety, depression, and paranoia

Medicinal mushrooms are only new to the world of Western medicine, and have a long history of therapeutic use. Up until recently, Western medicine had not incorporated these amazing mushrooms, but as a new medical paradigm emerges, the introduction of these mushrooms to the masses will continue to prove how extremely beneficial they are for a variety of health conditions.

Kathryn Kos.Kathryn is a Rehabilitation Counselor and a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, specializing in healing digestion, balancing blood sugar, and healing from stress related illnesses. She sees clients locally in Saratoga Springs NY, and worldwide via Skype. She also works with people on personal development, goal setting and relationships. She can be reached at: 518-260-9749, or by email, website:


Awaken YOUR Inner Medical Intuitive!

by Sue Singleton

After performing well over 8,500 Medical Intuitive (MI) Readings in the past 27+ years, I continue to enjoy teaching and empowering others to become their own health intuitive. Intuition can play a critical role within complementary medicine, and transforms all aspects of one’s life.

Medical Intuition is a very specialized subset of intuition/psychic ability. MI names the Root Cause or Original Trigger of a complaint/illness/disease, or pro-actively discovers the core imbalance before it becomes disease. Unlike psychic readings, MI Readings provide a detailed anatomical and physiological profile of the Root Cause(s)/Core Imbalances, tracing imbalances back to source location and timeframe. MI Readings do not provide, or replace, medical diagnoses.

Aura/chakra readings may be helpful, depending on someone’s concerns or goals. However, they identify auric asymmetries and weakness – which may NOT be the Root Cause. Also, depending on the reader, s/he may not provide a detailed Root Cause, or comprehensive plan to resolve it. Psychics/Intuitives who receive health insights are NOT necessarily Medical Intuitives. Although some Intuitives have innate abilities for anatomical insights, Medical Intuition can be taught by a qualified, practicing MI.


While Kinesiology/Muscle Testing is a beneficial tool used by doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, herbalists, and psychics when narrowing a list of possible causes, it is frequently mistaken for Medical Intuition. MI, however, reaches well beyond the knowledge or “list” of possibilities known to non-MI practitioners, assuming the Medical Intuitive has a “discernment” level of accuracy. Discernment is an acquired ability to obtain highly accurate, detailed data, from a universal consciousness state, in which the personality, knowledge or experiences of the intuitive are transcended.  At this level, answers totally outside his/her realms of intellectual knowledge become available.


Although not everyone develops the ability to perceive the same level of detail/accuracy of a qualified MI, everyone’s birthright is to be fully intuitive and apply it for positive benefits in his/her career, personal life and health concerns. Discernment is critical for the accuracy and detail of intuitive abilities to blossom, and relates to the level of consciousness attained by the individual. As demonstrated in the graphic, accuracy and detail are very low when in the conscious mind state, and increase to only around 50% when in the subconscious mind state. Once someone enters the super-conscious mind state (SPC), a quantum shift occurs, bringing accuracy close to 100%. Discernment permits this SPC shift, also known as universal consciousness, akashic records, mind of God, oneness.


Reach your highest potential by tapping into the MI within, even if your chosen path isn’t to become a professional MI! Landscapers, doctors, teachers, acupuncturists, healers, lawyers and parents can excel in all aspects of life by learning the discernment process. It greatly simplifies the process of doctor visits, career and relationship choices, food shopping, etc.


SueHanksSingleton_Informal2011Sue Singleton is an internationally acclaimed Medical Intuitive, Master Healer-Teacher and Author, who co-creates tools for transformation and healing and a variety of workshops with her husband, Aaron Singleton (Medical Intuitive, Visionary, Inventor), through The Way To Balance®, LLC Center for Advanced Healing and Training. The Singletons will be in Saratoga Springs for several very special events on Thursday, 10/19 and Sunday, 10/22. Please refer to the Display Ad and Calendar Events here in the Journal, as well as on the Events Calendar on

Grounding: A Vital Tool for Our Times

By Kate Kellman, MMQ


What is “grounding” and why is it so important? If you’ve ever participated in Martial Arts or Tai Chi, you already know how crucial it is to keep your center of gravity. Whenever a competitor becomes unbalanced, they are vulnerable and easily defeated by their opponent. Moving through the Tai Chi form, it is quite easy to topple forward or backward during a kick sequence if you don’t focus your weight on the appropriate foot. In Chinese Medicine, grounding is also essential, but in a much different context.

One of the basic tools I teach in my private practice in Medical Qigong to both patients and students is grounding. I refer to it as a tool because learning to stay calm and centered will help you through any life situation, enhancing health and well-being. Too often, in our society, we are riddled with anxiety and fears. When we practice being grounded before crisis strikes, stressful situations become simple challenges we flow through with ease and grace. In Taoism, the challenge for any Master is to stay calm while the mountain crumbles around him or her. Everyone knows someone who can keep their cool no matter what transpires around them. These are the heroes when disaster strikes, the people who lead others out of burning buildings or to safety during earthquakes and floods.

So, how do we stay grounded? There are several methods available. The first one is very simple. Go outside in your bare feet and walk on the Earth. Put your feet in water or swim. Sit outside in the sunshine and read a book with your feet (preferably shoeless) flat on the grass. Lean your back against a tree as you sit on the ground. Whenever we connect to the Earth’s energy, we are grounding. This is not some hokey, new age fad either – it’s science. The Earth’s electro-magnetic field vibrates at a frequency of 7.83 Hertz, often referred to as the Schumann resonances. The alpha brain waves of the body are approximately 8-12 Hertz, representing an awake but relaxed person. When we are calm and centered, we are in sync with the Earth’s heartbeat. That’s why it feels so good to be outside in nature – hiking, swimming, walking barefoot, digging our toes into the sand on a sunny beach. Mankind was grounded for most of our history, but we lost our connection to nature with the advent of rubber-soled shoes and our lifestyle change of dwelling inside buildings for most of the day.

Another way to ground is through deep breathing and by placing our hands on our lower dan tien which is right below the belly button. When we focus our breath downward, we “settle down,” or “calm down,” allowing our minds to relax and rooting to our center of gravity. In Chinese Medicine, the lower dan tien is the place of power. It is the engine that drives our human vehicles. So, anytime you feel stressed, breathe deeply and push your breath into your belly. Root your feet on the floor, even if you’re in the middle of a chaotic situation or a harried Board Meeting. By placing our feet firmly (and flatly) on the surface below us, we allow our energy to root to the Earth, even if we have layers of flooring beneath our feet. If we sit cross-legged or lean on one foot or walk on our tip-toes, we are not grounded.

These are just some tools everyone can use to be more balanced in their day-to-day lives. They are simple methods but very effective if practiced on a regular basis. It is all about focus and intention. When we become aware of our bodies – our breath, our stance, calming our minds and finding our center – then we begin the path back to a healthier, more stable existence. The more time we spend in nature, the more harmonized we become to the Earth and its natural healing effects. Many studies have been done on the benefits of grounding. Bird song has been shown to synchronize and balance the electro-magnetic field, so leave the earbuds at home when taking a walk. Fall asleep listening to the rain or the chirping of crickets. You will feel more relaxed and good health will be a natural by-product of staying grounded. Life can be experienced with serenity and joy, making it well worth the effort.


Kate Kellman is a certified Medical Qigong Therapist (MQT), studying to obtain her DMQ (Doctorate of Medical Qigong) with Dr. Ted J. Cibik, a Daoist Priest, DMQ, Chinese Physician (Zhong Yi), and Naturopathic Doctor (N.D). Dr. Cibik is a senior student of Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen, a Daoist Master from the 88th generation of the Jade Purity Sect and the Complete Reality Dragon Gate School. Kate has a private practice in Medical Qigong Therapy at The Garden in Saratoga and teaches classes in Daoist Five Qigong Set at the Red Dragon Karate School in Ballston Spa and at The Garden. Please check the Calendar for details or her website at: Kate can be contacted by calling or texting (518) 775-7798 or via email:





by Betsy Peerless 

For the Solar Eclipse of August 21st 2017 the world’s focus will be on USA as the path of totality sweeps across the entire continent of N. America. Even though it is a relatively short eclipse (2 min 40 secs) it’s estimated that perhaps 100 million people will be viewing it, which could make this one of the most observed eclipses of all time.  The US is the only country that receives the umbra’s path- for eclipse member 22 of Saros series 145. All of these factors is what makes this solar eclipse so remarkable.


As the “Great American Eclipse” tracks across the country it will cast at least a partial shadow over almost the entire country- 95% of USA. Astrologically and energetically this holds great potential for transformation, for the land, the people, and its leadership. It literally divides the nation in half and this is of great interest and concern considering the current socio- political climate.


The last total solar eclipse that touched the United States was 37 years ago on February 26, 1979. Its path went across only a few states in the northwest, while the last total solar eclipse to sweep across the entire mainland of the United States was on June 8, 1918. It’s path tracked from Washington to Florida. For tracking and forecasting purposes the April 8th, 2024 total solar eclipse must also be taken into account, as the intersection point of both paths of totality takes place in the heartland of America where August 21st peaks.


Here at the Intuitive Matrix, co-authored by myself and Hillary Raimo, we track and record events on the ground as astronomical events and astrological energies culminate in the sky in order to observe and  discern any correlations. In the 2 + years we have documented the lunar cycles, the eclipses and other planetary or star activity much has unfolded here on the ground, showing a great amount of fluidity and synchronicity with the synergy of heavenly bodies to this Earth along with the effects felt in the complex human psyche, the collective conscious and within the communities and authorities of our social structures.


For this article I’ve chosen to highlight places in the path that have historically made a great impact on the nation of America, monuments, as well as geological features such as waterways and tectonic plates which are all susceptible to movement- expansion and contraction- and have the power to greatly alter our human activity as well as our livelihoods. All the locales listed below will be of great interest during August/September eclipse season and for the next 2 and 3/4 years; then America’s heartland once again in 2024.


Summary of the eclipse spotlight:

Juan de Fuca Plate, Pacific N American coastline: seismic activity watch

Oregon State: wildfire watch

Casper WY: historical leadership in energy industry – timeline of exploitation of Earth’s natural resources

Teton National Park & Teton Fault WY: oil and gas development and the National Park service 9b rule. Seismic activity watch

Missouri River: flood watch and connection to DAPL and Standing Rock Protest

Kansas city MO: timeline of military activity, Civil War and independence

Independence & Adam-ondi-Ahman MO: LDS church sacred sites and the prophesy of ‘the second coming’.

St. Louis & Gateway Arch, MO: accessible monument dedicated to the American people and the timeline of USA’s westward expansion

Mississippi River: flood watch. Connection to DAPL and Standing Rock protest.

Cahokia Mounds IL: timeline of an advanced ancient civilization

Carbondale, IL: epicenter of the eclipse, historic regional hub of transportation, agriculture and education, and timeline to Civil War

Shawnee National Forest and the ‘Trail of Tears’ IL – a timeline of expulsion, suffering and death for the Cherokee nation. Government claimed ownership over profitable territories

New Madrid Fault: seismic activity watch. This is the intersection point for total solar eclipses 2017 and 2024. Will “X” mark the spot?

Georgia Guidestones GA: controversial monument declaring 10 guidelines for ‘The Age of Reason.” A timeline of a New World Order

Summerville & Charleston SC: seismic activity watch

Fort Sumter, Charleston SC: timeline to the commencement of America’s Civil War


My intention for this article was not to create a doomsday prophecy – I wish it to simply act as a record to refer back to in the next couple of years, as the effects of this eclipse unfold and peak. It may however prepare us for what could be in store as certain themes come to light through the tracking of the umbras passage physically, astronomically and astrologically. Most notable is the line created by the path of totality which divides the country and nation in 2 halves and how this echoes the division of America during The Civil War with the Northern and Southern Territories governed by the Union and the Confederates.


Earth catastrophes could happen at any time, yet when they coincide with eclipses they are especially devastating. Flooding, wildfires, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions can have the most devastating, far reaching effects, not only carrying a death toll but also affecting the safety of our natural and urbanized environments- our agriculture, economy, and the resources that make our human civilization possible. It is important to explore all possibilities within any correlations made with the above and the below without eliciting so much fear that it generates a panic. The very best that anyone can do to prepare for this Earth changing event is to meditate, pray and generate positive energy for the planet and for the collective as well as all of Earth residents. We can do this individually or in groups. Our ancestors I’m certain worked towards this end, assisting in a spiritual capacity for creating a softening affect for any incoming blows, while allowing the transformational energies to go to work energetically.



So I invite you all to participate in this eclipse to whatever capacity moves you. Our ancestors gathered, made processions, danced, prayed, and performed rituals during powerful celestial alignments such as this. From your location during this solar eclipse visualize the umbra’s passage over the thousands of miles of land mass and the millions of inhabitants. Use your spiritual awareness and psychic tools to raise the energetic vibration for Earth and all her residents. Past timelines connected to wars concerning territory and human rights, an ancient civilization, migration routes especially Oregon trail; the exploitation of Earth’s natural resources, expansion of a new civilization, as well as devastation in seismic zones- all these past timelines could be activated by the energetic spotlight of this eclipse. I say this as an energy worker, not just as an astrologer and as an intuitive who has experience with healing past timelines out on the land. The Nodes of the Moon in astrology are interpreted as karmic signatures and so the perfect eclipse alignment activates karmic past and future through the polarity of its axis. Celestial alignments above translates to energetic activity here on Earth and in any polarity there is magnetic attraction…


There is no advantage then to running and hiding in fear, or in dread of the unknown. What will be will be, and to that end we will adapt and thrive again if per chance any adversity must come to pass in this upcoming eclipse season and onward. Since this solar eclipse is positioned close to the North Node rather than the malefic South, and taking into account other planetary aspects of this eclipse, mundane astrologers would interpret that if anything unfavorable comes to pass for America and its leadership then it should wield beneficial karmic effects in the long run.


Betsy Peerless creates a dynamic and multifaceted life as an artist, healer, intuitive, teacher and astrologer. Website: Betsy is available for personal Astrology readings.


Chakaura™ Earth Whispering


By the Chakaura™ Institute of Soul© copyright 2017


Earth Whisperers are becoming a rare breed. Few people are given the chance in these times of domestication to hear the Earth’s silence as an Earth Whisperer can. The process of life is a natural instinct to an Earth Whisperer, understanding the workings and interaction of the Elements, the Earth’s energies, her waterways, the cycles of her nature, her seasons, as well as the cosmology of the All. Earth Whisperer’s speak the language of nature, hear and sing the Earth Songs. An Earth Whisperer is someone who has great sensitivity to his or her environment whether it is wild or domesticated.

Earth Whispering is about walking smoothly in grace and in respectful consciousness upon Mother Earth.  It is about being grounded and recognizing the different flavours of the telluric and cosmic energies that create our world. A true Earth Whisperer has an innate ability to bring heaven to earth for they are gifted with a mystic’s awareness of what is the purpose of life, of soul and have developed tools to manifest and direct this divine soulful cosmic power.


Earth Whisperers

The heavens carry the whispers of memories of times past and the prophecies of times to come.

Earth Whisperers teach how we are one with Mother Earth and how all this is known to an

Earth Whisperer; and is a part of an Earth Whisperer’s complete existence.


Who is Michèle C. St Amour?

Those that have come to know Michèle and her ways intimately have dubbed her an Earth Whisperer. This natural gift Michèle has been given, is as intense and as complex as Mother Earth herself. But above all, her gift of hearing Mothers Earth’s messages includes her dedication to teaching and speaking for this deity. Michèle speaks to us while the Earth whispers her messages.


Sacred Water

Michèle offers Earth Whispering Walkabouts that allow you hands-on experience. She speaks the language of her Aboriginal Ancestors and guides those ready to remember.

One of Michèle’s teachings experienced during her summer Earth Whispering events is how water is the greatest medicine of all and flows with purpose just as Earth is the womb of Life.  She teaches how all healing is sourced from the Sacred Feminine, and why it is a woman’s nature to heal. Michèle shares that one must master the Feminine Energy of Water, and the Masculine Energy of Fire to direct her musing ways. She introduces us to the Spirit of all elements during her retreats. She instructs us on how to tap into these healing energies for awareness, healing and health. Many participants have reported after one of Michèle’s sacred ceremonies, of healing cancer, bone ailments and more. The power of Michèle’s truth has proven itself over and over again; a true modern-day mystic’s world.

Michèle welcomes and mentors any who wish to discover this lost art of Remembering. Her teachings include sensing of the various medicines of earth such as plant & animal medicines, the Elements and their role in Earth Whispering and communication. She runs Initiate programs with their main goals centred on Self-Empowerment through knowing, experiencing and continued practice of the elements creating Life. Her specialty is the Soul and its sacred world.


Michèle teaches with a rare mastery of the Inner & Outer energies responsible for Health, happiness and success. Her summer programs help you birth the Earth Whisperer within you.


Michèle C. St.Amour is the founder and director of the Chakaura Institute of Soul. She is Author (Her novel Chakaura: Awakening the Muse / Sacred Journey of a Modern-day Mystic), a renowned Initiate Educator, Speaker, Medicine Woman, Medical Intuitive, Medium Expert (crime investigations) & Certified Naturopathic Practitioner offering her services through events & the Chakaura Clinic, so you may access the higher energies of your Inner self, your Soul. Michèle teaches her rare proprietary programs worldwide. People come from all over to consult Michèle for her healing knowledge and follow her unique programs.

Her programs are Empowering & Life Changing!

Her unique Journey of Self-Discovery Program begins soon followed by her Chakaura Initiate Program; the only one of its kind.

As she would say,